Helpful Buyer Information and Tips

The Purpose of The Escrow

When opening an escrow, the Seller and Buyer of a piece of property establish terms and conditions to facilitate a transfer of ownership of that property. These terms and conditions are given to a third, disinterested party known as the escrow holder.......
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Being Pre-Approved

Why Pre-Approval: * You know the terms of the financing, (how much down, loan amount, interest rate and payment) * You know the conditions that you have to provide to obtain a mortgage * Your financing is secure so to speak You are telling......
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What's a Pre-Qualification?

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Our Suggestion

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Obtain the Best Home Mortgage

The following items are traditionally used to support your application; however, you do not have to provide all of the documentation to begin the loan process. Most Mortgage Companies have the ability to submit a loan application on your behalf......
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